Important Change in 2013

After thirteen years of work with Mary Veal and her colleagues in Romania, Aiding Romania’s Children has transferred its efforts to a sister organization, Children of Nowhere, based in New York City. We thank you for your past support and current interest. We invite you to partner with Children of Nowhere to continue this wonderful work.

Aiding Romania’s Children began as a non-profit organization in 1999 to confront a health care crisis facing thousands of children in Romania who had been infected with HIV/AIDS in the late 1980s through untested blood transfusions and dirty vaccination syringes.

Through our efforts working alongside Mary Veal, American social worker and her Romanian colleagues, and with the introduction of antiretroviral drugs, many of those original children infected in the 1980s have survived to young adulthood. But for them, and for thousands of infected children born since then, Romanian society has been cruel. Confronted with serious threats to their existence: extreme poverty, inability to get jobs because of their HIV status, and continuing life-threatening illnesses, this special group of young people need help more than ever in a society which has rejected them.

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